Quan Garden Art Rondo Mini Silver

The Quan Rondo Mini Silver has a 80 x 80 cm grill plate and a closed wood storage. Also available in Corten or Carbon.

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Quan Rondo Mini Silver

The smaller brother of the Rondo Standard. With a grill plate of 80x80cm and 15mm thick there is enough space for delicious grilling. At the bottom is a wood storage that is closed at the sides.

Unique Quan Airflow Design

Burning wood is much different than burning charcoal. It is more difficult to handle. This is the reason why we spent many hours engineering Quan. Carefully designed channels and vents inside the structure provide sufficient and adjustable airflow. All this results in a more stable and efficient burning process, causing less smoke. It also makes it easier to start the fire at first, as well as it helps to keep the walls restrainedly cooler.