Teak & Garden Teak Sealer 3

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Teak & Garden Teak Sealer 3 is a high-quality water-based care product with additional teak-colored pigments. By using Teak & Garden Teak Sealer 3, the teak tint is retained for a long time and at the same time protects the teak surface from quick dirt absorption. Teak & Garden Teak Sealer 3 protects your garden furniture and is preserved for at least one season

This is in contrast to teak oil, which remains on the surface of the teak and does not penetrate the wood. Teak oil usually disappears after a few months. An additional advantage of Teak & Garden Teak Sealer 3 is that it does not fall off after drying and does not stain your clothes or pillows.

When using Teak & Garden Teak Sealer 3, we recommend that you first thoroughly clean your furniture with Teak & Garden Teak Cleaner & Brightener to achieve the best result.

WARNING: DO NOT use green soap to clean your furniture. Green soap is greasy and therefore prevents the Teak & Garden Teak Sealer 3 from being absorbed well in the teak. If you do this, you will get a spotty end result.

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